5 reasons we use Shaklee products

I have been dying to write this post. I knew in my heart the products would live up to their promises, but I just had to make sure.

But, the time has finally come…..it is time for you to learn all about Shaklee!


There were a few things that lead me to seek out a product such as what Shaklee offers.

First, during my pregnancies, I was always nervous about using any chemicals while cleaning, and especially concerned with what I was eating {and what chemicals may be in the food}.

Then we decided to adopt and I read through all of the requirements to pass a home study. One of them being to make sure chemicals were out of the reach of children.

That REALLY got me thinking. If I wasn’t 100% comfortable using heavily-induced-with chemical products during a pregnancy, there was absolutely no way that I would want my children around them. Watching my young nephew and god-daughter {and other friends’ little ones} and how anything they touch ends up in their mouths, I knew I was going to have an issue with how clean those things were.

Then started the sicknesses in our household. First it was our cat. The vet cannot give us an answer. She thinks he is having an allergic reaction to his food, or it is something new that we brought into the home that he is allergic to.

Then Graham got sick with a terrible cold and he took a sick day from work. He NEVER takes a sick day….I believe the last sick day he took was after we got back from Mexico.

Then I ended up sick {and am actually still battling with it as I type}. It started with my ears getting plugged. Then my head got congested. And it was like that for about two months. Finally, when my body told me “enough is enough” with a severe sore throat, I went to the doctor. I should have stocked up on some lozenges, which all of you ‘cold-filled’ people can check out here, however, I didn’t think about that!

All of these thoughts, feelings, and occurrences pushed me to seek out a natural cleaner and products for our home.

Do not get me wrong. I understand the “iffy” feeling when it comes to products labeled “natural”….I had the same concerns. For all of my life, wherever I have lived, the houses have been cleaned with that infamous blue spray. And I have tried other “natural” cleaners in the past only to be left somewhat disappointed.

That is why I didn’t just start shouting from the rooftops {ie, here on West Street} when I started using the Shaklee products. I wanted to make sure they were the right fit for my household and worthy of sharing.

Shaklee products, without a doubt, are one of the best things I have discovered in a long while and are completely worthy of sharing.

There are five main reasons why my household will continue to be a Shaklee household:

1. They are made of naturally derived ingredients that are safe for you, your children, and your pets.

Watch this 2-minute video for a great overview on Shaklee’s Get Clean product line.

2. They work! They work just as good, if not better than any traditional cleaner. Watch for an upcoming post on how Shaklee still gets rid of the germs and bacteria in your house, even with being a natural {and safe for you} product. I will also {of course} be sharing a bunch of before and after shots.

3. They are saving us a ton of money. Shaklee products, such as the Basic H2 cleaner, are actually sent to you in concentrated form. You then mix this concentrate with water to create your cleaners. There is a recipe/ratio for how much Basic H2 + Water to mix for an all purpose cleaner, a window cleaner, a degreaser, etc.

The one bottle of Basic H2 that you purchase is enough concentrate to mix 42 gallons of what you would typically use that blue window cleaner for……..yes, you read that correctly. So, your bottle of window cleaner ends up being about $0.03 per bottle!

Oh, and if you are one that has been using vinegar to create natural cleaning products {and also in an effort to save money}, keep your eye out for a future post here….Shaklee is actually cheaper than using vinegar!

Even though it may seem like you are shelling out some moolah initially, it is truly an investment that will end up saving you money in the long run!

4. By using Shaklee products, I am saving the environment. Back to the Basic H2 cleaner example :: by mixing your window cleaner in the reusable Shaklee spray bottle, you are saving hundreds of plastic bottles from being created and ending up in a landfill.


In the last year alone, with the use of the Basic H2 cleaners, Shaklee customers have eliminated 2.7 billion bottles of 26 oz., ready-to-use blue window cleaner….if placed end-to-end, these bottles would wrap around the earth more than 18 times!

Not too long ago, while one of our good friends was visiting, he was looking for our recycling “trash” bin. And we didn’t have one. He told me to think about G’s future {that is our god-daughter}. He was so right! Even if he doesn’t know it, that conversation has stuck with me and has influenced a lot of the decisions I have made…including the choice to use Shaklee products!

Also, because the products do not contains phosphates {among other things}, they are safe for your drains and septic/sewage systems.

5. There is a 100% money-back guarantee. I was confident that if I didn’t like the products, I could return them for a full refund, no questions asked. And you can to! If you are ever dissatisfied with your Shaklee product, send it back.

Now, not only am I proud to be a Shaklee home, but after using the products for a bit {and living with, and seeing the benefits}, I am also proud to have West Street Story be your Shaklee resource.

It was an easy decision to sign on with Shaklee. I already knew I was in love with the products {and planned on sharing their benefits with you here on the blog anyways} but the additional allure of helping pay for our upcoming adoption fee bill helped me make the decision to become a distributor.

I have set some pretty hefty goals for myself in sharing Shaklee over the next couple of months, so stay tuned!

Here on the blog, I will be walking you through some of my before/after pictures while using the cleaning products, but also my reviews and experiences as I get into Shaklee’s nutritional and beauty products as well. Oh, and you better believe I plan on using the Shaklee 180 natural weight loss program once we are done trying for a pregnancy! I have some “baby” weight to lose, ha!

My sponsor made special note for me that she has a few woman in her group with infertility issues and Shaklee has helped them….so I am excited to learn more and report back to all of you!

Also, if you are ever looking for a new career opportunity, I would love to share the Shaklee plan with you. I would not have signed on if there wasn’t a bit of freedom in how I run this business – and I have been down the home party path and was not about to do that again – so I would love to share with you some of the amazing opportunities Shaklee has to offer. Just shoot me a message if you are interested in learning more!


Visit my Shaklee website to learn more about the products and to make your purchase! If you are interested in getting started using Shaklee cleaning products, I highly suggest starting with the Get Clean Starter Kit {there is a fragrance free option as well}.

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