9 Weeks Pregnant :: and finally there are no major issues to report!

This post will be quick, and I am glad for that!

Pregnancy Week Nine

I had a relatively calm week of pregnancy. The only thing that has changed is my morning sickness….it has certainly ramped up its game! I thought I would have already been at the peak of how bad it was going to get, but I was very sorely surprised this week as it got worse. Now, if I could just clone myself {in non-pregnant form} to do my bridal shows for Invites by Jen over the next two weeks, I would be a much happier camper.

I have an appointment scheduled for next Thursday to go over the results from the blood work taken at the intake appointment. I am hoping my OB will at least let me listen to the heartbeat via a Doppler, but I am going into it assuming not since it wasn’t the plan when I made the appointment. And I will probably have to call into my OB’s office on Monday as the injection site from the flu shot is starting to itch and developing {what appears to be} a very small rash. I am going to give it the weekend, though. Anyone ever experience this with a flu shot? And no, I am not allergic to eggs!

All about my 9th Week of Pregnancy :

How far along today: 9 weeks, 4 days

The baby is the size of a: Green Olive

The baby is working on: Tiny muscles are beginning to form as the baby gears up to begin to move its arms and legs

Gender: Unknown

Maternity clothes: Not officially required {yet}!

Stretch marks: Not yet, but I did start using Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Cream for Stretch Marks this week. We read somewhere that Princess Kate used it during her pregnancy….if it is good enough for royalty, it will be great for my commoner’s belly!

Belly button in or out: In

Sleep: Still sleeping terribly and being stuffed up does not help

Best moments this week: I had a dream where I brought my newborn baby BOY to meet very good friends of mine and my god-daughter. The baby had sparkly, bright green eyes {like his momma} and my god-daughter loved him so much. She wouldn’t stop giving him hugs. It was the best dream of my entire life

Worst moment this week: Nothing, really {wooohooo!}

Funniest {embarrassing} moment of this week: I am discovering that I must get very hot at night and wake up with fewer articles of clothing than what I went to sleep in

Miss anything: Graham bought Highlander Grogg coffee this week, which is my absolute favorite, so I am missing coffee {again} each morning

Movement: Nope, not yet

Cravings: With the increase in morning sickness, I am just trying to keep things down. 7Up is my new best friend.

Queasy or sick: Yep! Like I said, I was surprised to have it get worse in the 9th week of pregnancy, but it is still not TERRIBLE {I know some of my friends and family members had it way worse} and hopefully should only be hanging around a couple more weeks {pretty, please?}

Looking forward to: The appointment next week and also getting through my bridal shows!

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