We’ve Been Matched! And the Gender Reveal

We could not be more excited to announce some big news here on The Hollow Road. We’ve been matched and we are expecting a little one to arrive around December 1st!

Our Adoption Match Story

Adoption Match | www.thehollowroad.com

Late one evening, we got a call from our adoption agency. There wasn’t really anything else we had going on with them – our home study was done our bill was paid in full – so when I saw that the social worker was calling, I immediately had goose bumps.

She told us that an expectant mother was interested in meeting with us, at some point soon. The birth mom had been working with the adoption agency over the past few months making sure adoption was the right plan for her (and using something like this Guide to Placing Your Child for Adoption to help her come to this decision), she had taken some time to look through all of the adoptive parent profiles and wanted to meet with us and one other couple to decide.

Us and one other couple. We were in her top two for choices!

Within days we were sitting on a couch along with her, the agency’s social worker, her dad, and her uncle. The entire conversation seemed so natural and “right” that as we drove away I told Graham that although I didn’t want to get down if she didn’t pick us, because of the connection we had with her and her family, it was going to be hard for me not to be disappointed if we weren’t the ones she chose.

It took four days to find out. They were some of the longest days of my life! Then the phone rang. All the social worker could get out before I was a blubbering mess {and frankly unable to carry on with the conversation} was, “Congratulations, you are having a baby!”

The baby is due December 1st!

We've Been Matched! | www.thehollowroad.com

As you have probably already counted in your mind, yes you are reading that right….we have about three months to get ready for the wee little one to arrive.

So, tell me in a comment:

What is the one thing we NEED to do before baby arrives?

Our Gender Reveal Story

Let me first start by saying that we feel so blessed to have been chosen by such a strong and brave birth mom. I am not going to go into detail about her, or the birth father, for their privacy. But, just know that this girl amazes me more and more each time we chat.

The birth mom had made the decision that she did not want to know the gender, not quite yet at least. However, for us {yes, she was thinking of US}, she had the doctor write down the gender and seal in an envelope. Unfortunately the doctor let the gender slip at a recent appointment. We felt so bad she had to find out that way, when it wasn’t what she had originally wanted, but {again} her bravery and strength had her seeing a positive side to things.

Graham and I just couldn’t wait to find out the gender, though, so we had her email it to us rather than mail the envelope. It took ALL MY MIGHT not to open that email until Graham got here late last Thursday night {like I would have normally been in bed kind of late}. Our good friend had come with Graham to help out with the house for the weekend and technically he was the first one to know the gender! On the way here, they stopped and picked up two hostess cake packages at a gas station. One pink and one yellow {they didn’t have a blue option}. Our friend read the email, placed the appropriate treat in a bag which Graham and I opened together.

Graham and I are so happy, thrilled, excited, and filled with utter joy to announce that we are having:


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