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When you are a DIY’er, such as myself, it means you have to rely on me, myself, and I when choosing the colors and vibes of any room…..well, sort of.  There are plenty of resources online {ahem, Pinterest} to help you along your designing way and today I have one more resource for you to add to that list.  West Street Story, of course!

If you are just itching to refresh a room, the absolute best {and pretty basic} DIY way to do that is with changing up the paint colors.  A little goes a long way and once the painting is done, you can amp up your color choices with fun decorating accents.  And think beyond your walls and trim when it comes to paint.  Paint a side table or a lamp, for example.  The possibilities are endless!

Enjoy today’s color palette inspiration board titled Earthy Greens — I have chosen colors to update a living room and a sun room.

A few tips when updating a room with greens:

  • Always test paint samples in the actual room before committing to 29 gallons of it.  Especially if you want more of a muted, khaki colored green.  What may seem khaki-esque on the paint swatch could very well look like a vibrant olive on the wall.
  • To prevent earthy greens from looking drab, keep your potential accent colors and pieces in mind.  Pairing lighter shades of green with creams or butter yellows will help to wake them up a bit.
  • Work with the style of house and pieces that you already have!  If your décor and furniture are currently traditional, choose one of the bolder color combinations.  Modern more your style?  Stick to lighter palettes that have a touch of cool colors {blues or greys, for instance} within them.
  • A hint of grey color in the green that you choose can help make the whole room feel more livable.

For easy reference, the names, color codes, and brands of paint I used in creating the inspiration board have been noted.

Earthy Greens Color Palette Board

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