How to Outsource your Food Blog Photography (and start getting noticed on Pinterest)

Whether you have just started a food blog, or you have been sharing recipes online for a while, you probably know that the photography of your food will play a critical part in your success. Not only does it make your blog and your recipes appear more legit, it helps you get noticed on Pinterest and other social media outlets. With so many food bloggers, recipes, and pins being created each and every day, professional level photography can help push you to the top. However, you are probably not a professional photographer or you do not have professional level camera gear. Today I want to share with you an option that gives you both! This post is all about how to outsource your food blog photography. Now, let’s get you noticed on Pinterest!

The process is actually very simple – hire a professional photographer who is willing to cook and style your recipe! Lucky for you, I know just the person you need.

How to uutsource your food blog photography and start getting noticed on Pinterest

It’s me! Yes, you read that correctly. Hire me to outsource your food blog photography to!

Hire a professional (that's me) to outsource your food blog photography to.

Did you know that I am a full-time wedding photographer? If you didn’t know it before, now you do! However, I also love to cook and create. The techniques used in flat lay stylings on wedding day certainly lend themselves well to food photography styling. Doing flat lay images are my jam (pun intended)! Therefore, I have embarked on this new little venture of cooking and capturing food for others. I am currently able to be hired on for this gig.

The process is really very easy:

  1. Hire me on Fiverr
  2. Send me your recipe(s)
  3. Enjoy beautifully styled photos to use on your blog and social media

Not only is it as simple as sending me your recipe, you are able to add on things such as a Pinterest “pinnable” collage image (like the one above), you get to choose between dark and moody or light and airy styling, and I even have an option that creates a “recipe card” in both jpeg and PDF form.

photos above show Dark and Moody versus Light and Airy styling options

I look forward to serving all of you lovely food bloggers out there!