Cleaning with Shaklee’s Basic H2 Versus Vinegar

Shaklee versus Vinegar Cleaning

Not only is it natural to clean your windows with Shaklee’s Basic H2 cleaner, it is less expensive {and smells MUCH better} when compared to the vinegar option so many have turned to.


My goal for the month is to get 10 households to switch to cleaning naturally with Shaklee.  Will you be one of them?  Not only can Shaklee clean for you, naturally, and save you money, the Basic H2 cleaner is so very versatile.  Check out the 1,000 ways to use Shaklee Basic H2 cleaner post I previously posted.

Not sure what the difference between “member price” and retail price is?  Let me break it down for you. 

You are either a member of Shaklee and save at least 15% off the retail price on all purchases, or you simply pay full retail price.

To become a member, there is a one-time fee of $19.95.  This is for a LIFETIME membership with Shaklee.  There is never a renewal cost, and you will always pay the member price on anything you purchase for the rest of your life!

And it wouldn’t be fair of me if I didn’t mention that there are actually ways to get your lifetime membership for FREE!  You become a lifetime member of Shaklee, for free, with the purchase of a Vitalizer or a Shaklee 180 kit {either the turnaround or the lean and healthy kit}.  If you are looking to lose weight, get healthy, AND become a lifetime member of Shaklee {saving at least 15% on all purchases}, then this would be the way to go!  You should join me in my journey in doing a Shaklee 180!

Okay, now, remember in my “why I love Shaklee” post a few days ago I mentioned I had some hefty goals for myself?  Here is the first one! 

I want 10 different households to try Shaklee’s Get Clean products by the end of September.  Will you be one of them? ……  {pretty please?}

Do not forget that Shaklee also has a great income opportunity.  I would love to have you join my team!  Please email me if you would like additional details, or you can sign up with the Shaklee program right online.  Earn a few extra dollars in your spare time at home.  Plus, you automatically become a lifetime member of Shaklee, for FREE, when you start your Shaklee business!