Spring Time Calls for Yellow Chicken Boots

Sloggers Yellow Chicken Boots

The birds are chirping, the snow is melting with warmer weather arriving, and the lady asian beetles are back in full-blown annoyance status. That only means one thing here on The Hollow Road – our very first spring season has arrived.

Approaching your first spring, on a property that hasn’t been managed for quite some time, is fairly overwhelming. Our outdoor task list is longer than we can probably handle, but because we are still trying to boil water on an electric cook-top meant for camping, we are going to have to continue our focus inside the dwelling and complete outdoor improvements when we are at a stand-still on interior remodeling projects. The kitchen and bathroom are at the very top of the list. We have been checking out the websites of some local remodelling experts (e.g. https://www.thinkbordner.com/bathroom-remodeling/) as we are starting to think it’s too much to ask of ourselves to do everything on our own. There is only so long you can survive cooking on an electric cook-top before you decide enough is enough.

We are also starting to have some problems with the furnace, so we need to get that checked. Hopefully it will just need repairing (as we know lots of businesses who offer repair services, e.g. https://valleyservice.net/fargo-services/furnace-repair) rather than completely replacing. That would be an extra cost we could do without. It would be lovely to get the inside of the house completed, or at least partially completed, so we can start to think about the outdoors again.

Checking out Classic Sheds is at the top of our list when we get back to the outdoors again, as we need the extra storage space and can use it for a multitude of things that we can’t keep within the house. We also want to get the roof checked, as we are concerned that there may be some damage which is causing minor leaks. They may only be minor, but left for too long they will cause damp which leads to a whole host of new problems! You should regularly get your roof checked, whether you are remodeling your home or not. There is more info here if you need the details of a company who could assess and fix your roof.

So what the heck did we do all winter (when we should have been getting the inside projects done)? Well, our biggest endeavor arrived to us on December 1st. We welcomed Baby E (aka Bubba) into our hearts and our home. It has been the most blessed three months of our lives.

It has also been eye-opening as to exactly how slow the house projects would be completed. We are alright with it, though, and this will all make for good stories when Bubba is a bit older to appreciate them.

Although we have this new little one to care for, we did still get SOME things done. A lot of demo and “behind the walls” work got completed. We believe we are FINALLY to the “putting it back together” stage, for the most part. The next few posts will highlight some of our favorite moments in each one of the rooms thus far – so stay tuned!

Despite the need to focus on the interior, the acre of asparagus will still need picking, the lawn will still need mowing, the garden will still need care, the hazelnut bushes will still need marking, the apples will still need picking, and the sunshine will still need to be soaked in. So, it is pretty safe to say we will still get ample time outdoors.

Time spent outdoors, in this particular moment of the year, tending to all the things mentioned above (especially the asparagus) means one thing – mud. My husband, bless his heart, took it upon himself to find me the perfect “first time farmer” boots. Something that would be easy to put on and take off and really only needed to combat muddy or wet conditions.

Sloggers Yellow Chicken Boots

Enter – the yellow chicken boots

He had originally purchased grey polka dot ones, but they were too small. Before he left to exchange them he said, “You know, there were PINK polka dot ones, would you like those instead?” I was rather excited. When he got home, he was beaming with pride. I thought he was able to find just the right size, in just the right color of dot.

Instead, he pulled these yellow chicken boots out. He knows I am excited for when we will be able to raise a few chickens (something we don’t plan on any earlier than NEXT spring). So, he thought these boots were perfect.

I will admit, I was expecting pink polka dot boots, so my reaction wasn’t as enthusiastic as Graham would have liked. But, I am loving these bright yellow chicken boots. They are not only fun, but pretty darn amazing. I can slip them on and off (really quickly) without having to bend over. They have a durable plastic exterior with great soles, yet are soft and comfy on the inside. They will be mud and water proof and will be super easy to hose off at the end of the day. Plus, if I am ever lost in the asparagus patch, Graham should be able to track me down.

Sloggers Yellow Chicken Boots

I’ve actually gotten some pretty good use out of them already, even if mostly just to traverse our muddy driveway to get the mail.

Graham bought the boots at our local Tractor Supply Store, but I was able to find them on Amazon in case you want to sport a pair yourself (I know a few of you commented on Facebook when he posted a picture of them wondering where to get a pair for yourself).

They are made by a company called Sloggers, right here in the US! A quick note for sizing – my regular shoe size is 8.5 and I needed these boots in size 10. In addition to the daffodil yellow option I’ll be sporting around the farm, there is also a barn red option….I wouldn’t be surprised if those ended up on my doorstep soon enough!

Sloggers Yellow Chicken Boots

We are looking forward to spring on the farm and I am looking forward to putting these yellow chicken boots to good use!

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Sloggers Yellow Chicken Boots

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