thank goodness for carl

When it came time to figure out how to put together the peninsula in the kitchen, we were blessed with a phone call from our good friend, Carl.  He had no idea what he was getting himself into by stopping by….he wasn’t even really calling because he knew we needed help, it was more so just to say hello and chat.  Even after stopping by, seeing the challenge we were facing, and helping us out a bit for the night, he STILL came back the next day to help again!  I, myself, couldn’t believe my eyes when he showed up that next day.  We definitely wouldn’t have finished this part of the project {or at least it wouldn’t have gone as well} without him, so I am very grateful for the help from Carl!


Figuring out how to put all of the pieces together definitely took both of Graham and Carl’s brilliant construction minds {I was no help, I sat on the toilet in the bathroom and just snapped some pictures}.


The boys didn’t like me taking their picture, so I had to be sneaky.




I think I was the most nervous when the boys started drilling directly into the floor {the tile floor we had just spent multiple days getting in}, but all disasters that could have happened were avoided, so it all worked out!  And there may have only been a “couple” extra trips to Menards for a “couple” extra drill bits during this peninsula project!


For the peninsula structure we utilized a lazy susan and a regular cabinet base as most of the “bones” in the L-shaped design.  The tricky part was figuring out all of the extra supports needed and how to finish off all of the edges.  To keep with the theme in the rest of the house, we used a bead board paneling to finish off the edges and sides.


Also a concern {at least a MAIN concern for me} was making sure we left enough room at the end of the peninsula’s L-shape for the wine cooler enclosure {the countertops were already in, and already a certain length, so we had to make sure not to create more peninsula base than what those countertops could cover}.


We tried to utilize each and every inch of extra space underneath the peninsula in some sort of practical manner, which included the place for the stove’s gas and electric line to come up through the floor….well planned Graham and Carl, well planned.  We also incorporated a little eating area/sitting area at the one end of the peninsula.



We also customized the stock cabinets a bit with an extra shelf and I bought a pull out drawer system to help me better utilize the “hard to reach” space in the back of the cabinet.

I have my pots and pans and measuring cups housed in the bottom of the cabinet {right next to the stove, so it really is handy}.  In the drawers of the cabinet you will find my hot pads/oven mits and all of my cooking spoons/spatulas/etc.  I did a bunch of cooking and baking this past weekend {more on that to come}, so it really did confirm that putting these items next to the stove, and also where I would be prepping most of the food on the peninsula, was so amazingly awesome!!  It make cooking so much more easily enjoyable!



In the lazy susan we are housing not only our tupperware, but a fire extinguisher as well.  I am just a “wee-bit” nervous to have a gas stove now.  I not only have a few extra boxes of baking soda on hand {water + grease fires = DO NOT MIX}, I also made sure we had a fire extinguisher some place in the kitchen and that the alarm was newly updated as well!  Some may call it extra paranoia, but I know one firefighter that will be happy to know we are taking extra safety measures {you are welcome, T}.


All that is left on the peninsula is painting {mainly white, but painting black on the inside of the wine cooler enclosure} and installing the toe kicks….we have yet to fully decide what we are doing with those which is why they are not installed yet {I want to do something that makes the peninsula look “built in”, like using the same baseboards we will have around the walls, but we have yet to figure out how “we” want to make this work}.



{What do you think?  Would you eat breakfast at our new peninsula?  That is our new favorite meal, with a good cup of coffee, to enjoy in the kitchen!}